Look at the cute baby!!!

23 days old
Such a cute Daddy
Uncle Max
Already annoyed with Mommy
Gamma KJ covered in pee and spit up :)
Harper loves trips in the BMW
Chuck is very protective of his little brother
I love him so much
Grandpa Quan and Grammie Catherine
Grandpa Quan is jealous of Harper's hair
Mommy, Grandpa Jim and Grandma Dena checking him out :)
Harper giving Grandma Dena a high five!
So perfect
Checking out Grandpa Jim
Uncle Brian loves him too
Grandpa Dave loves his new grandbaby!
Harper working on giving Aunt Nancy baby fever! :)

Between feedings, diapers, breast pumping, trying to sleep, eating, etc....it's very hard for me to send out individual updates, so here are some pictures to show everyone that we are doing well! Harper is now about 6 and a half pounds, and he's 19.5 inches long! He changes everyday, and I love being his Mommy so much!

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