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MoMMy aNd BaBy SuRveY
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[[AbOuT MoMMy aNd PReGNaNcy]]
MoMMyS FuLL NaMe: Shannon Joy Healy
AGe WhEn PReGNaNt: 28
CuRReNt AGe: 29
HOw FaR & lOnG wERe yOu wHeN yOu FoUnd OuT?: 5 weeks?
STiLL wiTh ThE FaTheR?: Yeah he's stuck with me forever now :)
WhAT waS yOuR FiRsT ReaCtiOn wHeN yOu FoUnd OuT yOu wErE PreGnaNt?: scared but excited
HOw DiD tHe FaTheR ReaCt??: he was scared too but remained pretty calm
HOw DiD YOuR PaReNtS TaKe ThE NEwS?: shocked
HOw DiD yOu FeeL aBoUt yOuR FiRsT ULTraSOuNd sOuNd?: it was *ahem* uncomfortable...
WhaT MoNth DiD yOu FiNd OuT ThE seX Of ThE BaBy?: August
WHeRe yOu HaPPy aBOuT ThE seX OF The BaBy??: I wanted a girl, but now can't imagine not having a little boy!
WHaT weRe yOuR CraViNgs?: pickles, meat, salads, apples
DiD yOu ExCeRSiCe wHeN yOu wERe PreGnaNt??: no, I had preeclampsia and wasn't allowed too :(
HOw MuCh WeiGht DiD yOu GaiN??: 25 pounds
DiD yOu GeT MoRniNg SiCkNeSs?: nope
DiD yOu eNjOy weaRiNg maTeRniTy CLoTheS??: yes! elastic-waisted pants are awesome :)
WhaT BoOks DiD yOu ReaD wHeN yOu weRe PreGnaNt??: anything having to do with homebirths, What to Expect, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
DiD yOu aTTeNd aNy PReGNaNcy CLaSSes, LiKe LaMaze?: Our midwife led a few classes
OveRaLL...DeSCriBe yOuR PreGNaNcy.: not enjoyable...but the end product was so worth it
[[aBouT The DeLiVeRy]]
HOw DiD yOu KnOw yOu weRe iN LaBoR?: I was induced a month early
DiD yOuR waTeR BreAk??: the doctor broke it
WhaT weRe yOuR CoNtraCtiOns LiKe??: the worst pain I've ever been in
HoW LoNg weRe yOu iN laBoR fOr??: 4 days total...about 9 hours of hard labor
EPiDuRaL???: Yes, after 7 hours without one...a non-narcotic one
WhO waS iN ThE DeLiVeRy RoOm wiTh yOu??: Tuli, my Mom, Dr. Katz, 2 midwives and loads of nurses
WaS iT aN EaSy DeLiVeRy??: Not particularly
DiD yOu CrY DuRiNg LaBoR??: oh yeah...
[[aBoUt ThE BaBy]]
BaBYs FuLL NaMe: Harper James Jakobson Healy
BiRTh DaTe: 1-6-09
TiMe BoRn: 8:00 pm
GeNdeR: male
LeNgTh: 18 inches
weiGht: 5lbs
WhaT waS ThE FiRsT ThiNg yOu SaiD tO yOuR BaBy?: Hi Baby!!!
wHo ViSiTeD yOu aNd ThE BaBy aT The HoSpiTaL?: family, Sarah, AAshley, Max and Cathy
wiLL yOu BreAsTFeeD?: Harper never got the hang of I use a breastpump every 2-3 hours, so he gets breastmilk at least...
wHaT waS The FiRsT NiGht BeiNg a PaReNt LiKe?: tiring and surreal
DiD yOu GeT sLeeP?: not really
wHeN DiD yOu Go HoMe?: 1-9-09
[[PReSeNt TiMe]]
HOw OLd iS yOuR BaBy NoW?: 13.5 weeks
STiLL wiTh The FaTheR??: Yes :)
WhO DOeS uR BaBy LoOk LiKe NoW??: he's a great combo of both of us
BeeN BaPtiZed??: yes
yOuR BaByS CuRReNt MiLeStOnE AchiEveMeNt??: he's starting to laugh
WhaTs yOuR BaBy'S FavOriTe ThiNg To Do??: wiggle around naked
yOuR BaByS FaVe ToY?: too young for toys still
WhAt iS iT LiKe BeiNg a PaReNt?: awesome, tiring, overwhelming, wonderful
ReaDy FoR aNoTheR OnE?: NO!!
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