Gamma KJ and Grandpa Dave

Harper's out-of-state grandparents came to visit him in January! He is lucky that although they don't live nearby, they are always ready to come visit him whenever they can!

Here are some pictures from their visit. His grandparents bought us all a new camera, and we have been using it constantly!!!

Some of the things we did while they were in town were -
Swimming at Tamarack Pool
Having a 2nd birthday party at Aunt Alice's house
Early morning playtimes with Gamma KJ
Going on a long walk with Grandpa Dave
Eating lots of yummy food
LOTS of attention!!!

Drinking his bottle with Gamma KJ

Reading with Aunt Alice

Kisses from Grandpa Dave


This is his new thing to do. Climb up the back of the couch, and onto the desk. Even though he KNOWS he's not supposed to do it, he gets this look on his face like he is SO proud of himself. Here he is trying to help Grandpa Dave with his computer problems =)

(Looking back on all the pictures, I realized we have hardly any of Harper and Gamma KJ! =( )

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