4th of July - Playing on the the Beach

Harper's Uncle Adam and Aunt Kristi manage a set of cottages in Yachats, OR, so for the past 2 4th of Julys, we have gone over there for nice weather, family, fireworks, food and lots of fun =)

The first day we were there, the weather was so nice that Grammie, Mommy, Daddy and Harper headed straight for the beach to play in the water, and to play with a new beach toy.

He met a little playmate there about the same age named Hudson, and the two of them were having fun splashing around with each other.

Harper was completely fearless of the water. He kept running in and out of it shouting, "Noooo!!" It was so cute. He was having so much fun splashing around in the water. He fell a couple of times (with Mommy and Grammie 2 inches away from him), and he popped right up, looking a little startled, and just continued to have fun!

What a tough little guy we have!

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