Walk? Walk? Walk? Waaaallllkkkkk???!!!

I've never known a child who loved going for walks more than Harper. And I don't mean a walk where strollers are involved. He stands at the door, saying "Walk?" literally around 20 times each day. (Which is why we REALLY need to get some rainboots for our entire family...)Harper just LOVES going for walks around the neighborhood. Here is a video of his favorite mailbox on our route...he gets SO excited to point out the duck sticker whenever we walk by.

Also, here are some pictures to highlight some of Harper's favorite parts on these "walks."

Checking out all of the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood. Another word that we hear 100 times each day is "ghost!"

Stopping to smell the roses. He also likes to point at the thorns and say "Ow!"

Stopping at all the "oops" (hoops) to shoot some baskets. If we accidentally forget to bring a ball on our walk, we are in trouble!

...and Harper RUNS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

I love going on walks with this silly guy!

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Sarah said...

I love all the "moments" you capture! He is so adorable.