Our Wisconsin Thanksgiving

We are having a fabulous time in Wisconsin! Harper was SUCH a good boy on both of the flights over here. Below is a pic of Harper watching the "AINES!" (planes), walking on a moving sidewalk with Daddy, and modeling his new backpack (best feature of this backpack is the looooong strap for Mom-Mom and Dada to keep him close!). We hope the return flight goes as smoothly as this one did!!!

(sorry, pics taken with my phone...)

One of Harper's favorite activities, going on walks, is a LOT different here in Wisconsin!!! It's been in the 20s, so LOTS of bundling up happens before you go outside. Seeing Harper do his Harper Trot, with all that extra clothing, is hilarious. He almost lost his balance a few times because of the extra weight.

(sorry, pics taken with my phone...again.)

Tuli had a guitar lesson on Monday with a friend of KJ's. He's been practicing on a borrowed guitar, and of course, Harper is interested in anything his Daddy is doing.

We've been talking about getting Harper a little guitar, so Gamma KJ got him one!!! It's bright green, and perfectly Harper-sized. Yay for Gamma KJ!!!

(Father/Son jam session!)

(little hands for a little guitar!)

Other things going on...

Spaghetti Dinner with friends

Playing with neighborhood kids (above is Alden, 8 years old)

Daddy fixing things around Gamma KJ's house

Lots of running around and PLAYING!!!

Lots of Quality Time with Gamma KJ

Harper's Uncle Ari is flying in later today, so we are having our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, at a neighbor's house. The neighbor has a 2 year old daughter, Lucy, who Harper has already played with a couple of times, so we are all looking forward to a great day!!! Mom-Mom and Dada have been getting to sleep in, and we are both grateful to be with family, in a warm house, and surrounded by love on our vacation!

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Alaska Dave said...

Awesome photos - I'm sure KJ is having a ball with you guys all being there. Have a great T-giving feed if you haven't already.

Sending all of you my love -

Bampa Dave