I Am So Thankful

I am so thankful for Harper's health, my health, for a loving and supporting partner in Tuli, for mine and Tuli's families, for a baby that I can hold whenever I please.

These are things that I KNOW I take for granted. Recently, this has become even more obvious...

Two friends of mine have been going through extremely difficult situations.

One of my friends is struggling to regain custody of her child. She has been through MORE than her fair share of struggles, and my heart aches for her. The amount of strength she has is incredible. While I realize that there are laws in place to protect children, my friend's struggle has also made me realize just how flawed some of these laws are. I tell you about this friend so that you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep her daughter in your prayers too. NOBODY deserves to be going through what she is...nobody. I can't wait for her to have her baby back.

Another one of my friends is having surgery on June 4th to remove a possibly-cancerous lump from her body. At such a young age, it is scary to think that cancer can happen to ANYONE. Again, the amount of strength she is showing is incredible. I admire her so much. I know she will be fine, but I ask again for your thoughts and prayers for this friend. I love her very much, and I believe that the more positive energy that surrounds her, the easier her surgery and recovery will be.

Up until this post, this blog has been dedicated to Harper - my pregnancy, birth and his life.

But these two friends are a part of Harper's life.

I believe that the internet can be used in a positive way, by spreading the word about those in need.

Please keep my friends in your thoughts and prayers. And be thankful for everything you have - your health, family, security and support.

I know that I need a reminder not to take these things for granted sometimes.

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Sarah said...

i have and will be/been thinking of them everyday. they are lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you, shannon.