Our Almost-4-Month-Old-Doodle!

I think he looks like a "Who" from "Who-ville"!

I can't believe that Harper will be 4 months old on Wednesday. Time really has gone by so fast! It doesn't seem like that long ago that he hardly fit into any clothes...that we were finger-feeding him because he was so small...that he would sleep the majority of the day.

Harper and Grammie on her birthday

Now, at 4 months old, he is smiling all the time. He koohs and wiggles around when you change his diaper. He still LOVES naked time. I swear, he's going to be a little nudist when he can run around. He has really discovered his hands, fists, and most important - his thumbs. He told me that his thumbs taste like chocolate, and that's why he's munchin' on them all the time.

Harper and his Great G-pa Ken

We think he is starting to teethe now also. He seems fussier, but how we can REALLY tell is that his adorable face, and cute clothes are COVERED in drool. He's our little drool monkey. The teething tablets we have seem to help him, and he also likes those teething rings that we put in the fridge.

Harper helping Grandpa Jim schedule some appointments

I'm guessing he weighs around 14 pounds, although I will know exactly how much he weighs on Wednesday. His eyebrows are getting darker, and I can't believe how strong his legs are!

Harper enjoying his bottle with Quampa

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