Aunt Missy's Graduation Party

Harper givin' Aunt Missy some love

Harper's Aunt Missy is a law school graduate! Even though she is incredibly busy taking a bar-prep course, she found time to celebrate with a party at my Dad's house. Harper had a great time being passed around, and being told how big and cute he was. Harper, Tuli and I are all so proud of Missy. I honestly don't know a harder-working woman in the world! I admire her so much, and as Harper grows up, I feel so lucky that he'll have such a driven Aunt to look up to!

"Mmmm...your dress is tasty, Aunt Missy!"

Grandpa Jim enjoying time with his grandson

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Harper's not so sure about Mike :P

Being cute for Grandma Dena

Harper is growing everyday. He's about 17 pounds now, and he's SO close to crawling. I really think he's going to be able to do it in the next week or two. He's rolling over all the time now...he'll roll to get his rattle. He also loves to roll over in the bassinet (which he's almost too big for!)

"Look, I can roll over in the bassinet now!"

I LOOOOOVE this picture! He looks like he's being tortured with kisses!

I've been walking a lot with Harper lately. Our apartment gets so hot, so I'll load up the stroller and head over to a park that is about a 20 minute walk away. I set up a blanket in the shade, and let him wiggle, and I play with him, or read my book. It's a great way to get exercise, get some fresh air and play with Harper!

Playing with Mommy at the park.

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