Big Brother Chuck

Harper has started to become REALLY interested in his surroundings. Things like Sibyl, the tv remote, Chuck and my necklace seem to really intrigue him! He's becoming a very curious little boy, and it's so fun to watch. He watches VERY intently as I bring food from my plate to my mouth. He sits there with this blank stare on his face, mouth hanging open (I call it the Tuli/Daddy look haha), and will watch me finish an entire meal.

He's starting to giggle a lot more now, and that is just....pretty much the best sound in the world :) You would agree, right?

However, HIS favorite sound lately is the sound of his OWN voice. He loves to tell stories to anyone who will listen...actually he doesn't care if anyone is listening. He just likes to babble! It's so cute, and it makes us thankful for the "pause" button on the remote control!

We have started looking for a new place to live. We want a one-story place, preferably a duplex or house. We turned in an application yesterday for a place only 2-3 blocks from here. In fact, I walk past it everytime I take Harper on a walk to the park! It's a duplex, and although it's not perfect (really....what rental IS perfect???), we are hoping we get the place. It's...get this...$75.00 CHEAPER than what we are paying now. And it has AIR CONDITIONING!!! I almost started crying when I walked in and felt the cool air! Maybe if we get this place, I won't be sweating for the majority of the day! Hallelujia!!! I was telling Tuli how crazy it is to think about the fact that wherever we move to, is where Harper James will most likely take his first steps, and learn how to walk. Oh the excitement!!!

Harper is teething also. He's a little drool factory, and if he can reach it, it goes in his mouth. The homeopathic teething tablets we have seem to help him, as do frozen washclothes and refrigerated teething rings. I feel so bad for Doodle...mouth pain is the worst! Although he hasn't officially "cut" a tooth yet...I know it will be soon.

Speaking of things that are coming soon...Harper is going to be crawling in the next couple of weeks. That will be so fun, don't you think? It will keep me even more on my toes during the day! Right now he can stick his little diaper bum up in the air, and he'll kind of "bull-doze" around the ground, leading with his head. He can also roll all over the place. He'll roll to get to toys he wants, or to get closer to Mommy or Daddy. He is one determined little boy, and I love that about him. I hope that trait stays with him for the rest of his life :)

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