Toothy McTootherson!!!

Harper cut his first tooth FINALLY! The big day was Tuesday, June 30th. It's still pretty hard to see, but you can definitely feel it! Aren't you just soooo excited to see that toothy grin once he has a few?????

I feel so bad for the little guy...mouth pain is the WORST :( His favorite things to chew on include: his hands, frozen washclothes and refrigerated teething rings.

I can't wait until the tooth is more visible - I will for sure post pics of that. You have to remember who you're talking to camera-happy mama!

Today is Tuli's birthday. He has to work late for QE, so that stinks, but Harper and I are baking cherry pie right now, and we gave him some nice gifts. We made him a framed calendar (with the Doodle's picture of course) for his desk at work, and another nice framed picture of Harper and Tuli.

I made a slideshow dedicated to Tuli and Harper. (Hopefully it works...)


Harper is so lucky to have such a hard working daddy. We are both so thankful for all the support he provides us. He always makes sure we have food, shelter, a safely-running car, insurance and love. We are so thankful for him!

We love you Tuli/Daddy!!!!!

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KJCAD said...

Tuli is lucky to have such an appreciative partner.