Bigger and Better

We moved! We are now 2 blocks away from where we used to live, and we are soooo happy with our new place. It's a duplex with a yard, garage and.....AIR CONDITIONING! The layout is much more baby-friendly, with lots of room for Harper to crawl.

Dining room (note black and white photo wall that we're having fun with)

Tiny kitchen...but then again, I never really like having other people in the kitchen
while I'm cooking!

Oh, and yes, you heard me correctly, I said CRAWL! Our little boy has 2 teeth, and is sitting and crawling all the time now. We spend a lot of our time chasing him around, but it's good exercise :)

Instead of posting all of the pictures individually, I'm creating a slideshow to show you all how the Summer of Harper has been going. It's hard to believe that a year ago, I was pregnant with him...and now we have a beautiful, perfect baby boy. He changes everyday, and we love him more everyday too.

Harper and I start swimming lessons next Monday (THANK YOU GRANDPA JIM!), and I'm so excited! He has already been swimming once in his Grandpa's pool, and he looooved it. We're hoping he'll be a little water-baby like I was when I was his age.

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