Have I Mentioned How Lucky I Am?

I dunno what is wrong with me this morning.

There are lots of "mommy" blogs I follow regularly, and today I happened to click on a link to a blog I had never read before. (Click here to read it) It's a family's journey through the death of a child. A twin for that matter. Did this tug on my heart strings because Harper's Uncle Max is a twin, and Harper's Aunt Al is the mother to Max and Lance? Am I extra emotional because Harper and I didn't sleep well last night with Tuli staying in Portland?

Part of me wishes I didn't ever find this blog...but then this whole "Higher Power" thing that I hear and talk about in meetings all week long reminds me that it must have been for a reason I clicked on this link, read every single one of the entries, and cried like a baby.

It was to remind me of how lucky I am to have a healthy baby.

How lucky am I to have gotten pregnant without even having to "try"?
How lucky am I to have gotten healthy 3 months before this "surprise"?
How lucky am I that Harper was born in a safe place, at the hands
of a caring doctor and midwife?
How lucky am I that I am able to stay at home with my baby?
How lucky am I to have created this little human...a "mini-me" that has changed everyone's life?
How lucky am I that my child is healthy, happy and thriving?

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a great gift,
but I am so thankful for having the honor of being Harper's Mommy.

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Stacy Dervin said...

What a sweet entry, Shannon!