Spending the Night at Grammie's and Quampa's

Last Saturday, Harper, Tuli and I stayed the night at Grammie and Quampa's house. Quampa was hosting a poker tournament that Tuli played in, and my Mom and I played with the baby and did some sewing.

What a treat it was for Harper to wake up to playful Grandparents at 6:30am on Sunday! And vice versa!

(and might I add...what a treat it was for Tuli and I to sleep in!!!!)

Here are the things we learned during that trip:

That Harper can climb to the top of the stairs all by himself
(with Grammie behind him at all times of course)

That Chuck makes an excellent headrest for bottle time

That if it's the career path he chooses, Harper would make an adorable cowboy

That he is the ONLY person that Quampa would give up his recliner for

And finally........

That he LOVES chocolate ice cream!
(this is much to Grammie's liking, seeing that she is a non-recovering chocoholic)

He also must be a good luck charm, because Quampa came in 2nd place out of 30 players!

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