Harper's First Airplane Trip

Harper, Grammie and I went to visit Aunt Missy last weekend in Phoenix. This meant Doodle's first airplane trip, hot weather, pedicures, shopping, yummy food, and most importantly, lots of quality time with family :) Missy's apartment is so nice! We got to see where she works (AZ Supreme Court), and Harper got to chase Howard (his kitty cousin) all around the house. We were sad to leave, but I think Howard was thankful :) Here are some pictures from our trip! Thanks again to Missy for having us, and to Grammie for being such a great help!!

We love you so much!

Harper's first flight!

Grammie and Doodle on the plane

My adorable nephew, Howard Penguin Healy

Precious baby boy

Mommy and Harper

So excited to be at Aunt Missy's!

Harper on the prowl for the kitty

Howard being a good kitty

My beautiful mom and seeeester

Harper hittin' the bottle at Cheesecake Factory


Getting ready to go swimming

He'll hate me for this picture when he's older

But he's so cute with sunscreen-spiked hair!

Harper and Grammie napping


Aunt Missy playing with her nephew

It's too bad they don't like each other

Such a happy boy!

A very happy Grammie

All ready to go swimming!!

Harper riding in a Build-A-Bear car

Aunt Missy giving some love to Howard

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