Playing in the River and in the Motorhome

We had a great time visiting Grammie, Quampa and Shiloh at their campsite just east of Sweet Home. Harper had never been in the motorhome before, and man, did he think it was COOL!

Looking out the window...contemplating what to get into next

Angel/Little Devil comparison picture

Pissed face!

The river was nice for cooling off, but the rocks were hard to walk on for an
18 month old little boy!

(OMG...aren't his feet adorable in these shoes?)

Beautiful Oregon!

Grandpa and Gramma Healy got him those adorable swimtrunks during one of their vacations last year, and they couldn't be any more adorable.

"What's up, Ladies? My name is Harper, and I'm 18 months old, and I can run and talk and dance, and I love animals, and I love watermelon,
and I'm super cool with these shades on!"

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