Things I Love About Harper - Head to Toe

Harper is changing and growing day by day, minute by minute. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time so I could enjoy time with him at this age forever. Sometimes I want to rewind to when he wanted to cuddle more. And sometimes, I want to fastforward away from Diaper Land, right on past Potty Training Street, and into the World of House-Broken Harper.

Because we don't live in Fantasy Land, I've decided to dedicate a post to all the special things (head to toe) I love about Harper RIGHT NOW, at age 19 months and 19 days old =)

(Harper enjoyed a fruit smoothie before this photo shoot...)#1
His expressive eyebrows. They can tell you if he's happy, contemplative, or upset.
(No need to pluck perfection.)

His beautiful eyes.
Long eyelashes, a mostly-green, but flecks of brown combo.
A mix of his Mommy and Daddy's eyes - perfect!
(Now let's hope he doesn't inherit Mommy's eyesight...)

His adorable button nose.
(It's even cute when there are boogers in it.)

Those luscious Jakobson lips. Perfect for slobbery kisses.
(Just like his Daddy's.)

His gappy, lovable teeth. They give his smile such personality.
(And G-Ma Dena says gaps are good for when permanent teeth grow in!)

His head.
Since the day he was born, many admirers have loved the shape of his noggin'!
(There's obviously a giant brain in there.)

His bedhead. The way it sticks up is precious.
(Mommy and Daddy are jealous.)


Big, beautiful ears, perfect for learning and listening.
(And sometimes ignoring.)

Those adorable armpits!
(Perfect for tickling!)


That pudgy little belly, and cute bellybutton.
(He loves to look at other people's bellybuttons too...which can be awkward.)

Your cute little diaper booty.
(Your bare bottom is pretty darn cute too, but that's not for the entire world to see...)

Your strong little arms, perfect for hugging!
(And the elbow dipples...well, we're just crazy for them!)

Your hands. The knuckle dimples. The soft skin.
(Point, point, point! Harper's point has been imitated by many!)

Your buff little legs.
(I hope they turn out just like your Daddy's.)

Your sweet little feet and toes.
(I love playing footsie with them.)


The way you look at Mommy and Daddy with excitement, love and curiosity.
(You are the best!)

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Tatiana said...

Awww... this is so sweet and wonderful. It makes me miss that time and simplicity... Why do I suddenly feel like a crusty curmudgeon of a parent?