Harper's Best Friends - Buzz and Woody

I decided to give Harper a couple of his presents a few days before Christmas. We were going to be spending Christmas Eve and Day with my family, and we didn't see the point of packing the car full of wrapped gifts for the trip. Plus, Harper is still a little too young to really know what's going on during the holidays, so hopefully he doesn't remember this for the rest of his life, and expect presents everyday leading up to Christmas for the next 16 years.

Here is a video of him showing you his new chair. My grandparents gave me some money to get Harper a gift from them, and I decided that will all the toys I knew he'd be getting, a Big Boy Chair might be fun for him! As you can tell, we should have bought stock in all things Toy Story before the holidays...and Harper points out all of his favorite characters for you!

...and this video is of Harper's sweet New, Sweet Ride!

He just started actually sitting on it and riding it a few days ago. I think it just needed to sit in our living room and take up space for a couple of weeks...and just before I was almost deciding to maybe take it back, he finally started playing with it =)

**Coming soon (hopefully) - a few BIG Christmas posts. As long as I can sort all the pictures, and get some "Harper-free" time, this will happen!**

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