Playing at the Park

We walk to the park in our neighborhood almost everyday - here are a couple of videos.

Harper loves the slide....and talking about himself in the third person,
as you can see in the first video...

....and, about 1:30 into this video, is my winning moment for
Mother of the Year 2011!

The park is one of Harper's favorite things currently - mostly I think because it means we "go on a waaaaaaalk??!!," AND with the weather getting nicer, there are more and more kids to play with there. The nice weather also means that they turn the water on at the park. There are a couple of park toys that let you add water, play in the water and make a mess in the water. The park is one giant sand pit, so it can get really messy, really fast. I tell Harper all the time, that little boys are supposed to be dirty and gross, and he's doing a great job at that. If you're Harper, you also like to take a few minutes to roll around in the sand after getting completely soaked, so that you look like a Sand Creature for the entire walk home!
(I need to get a picture of that, but I've been hesitant to bring the camera with us due to the many things mentioned before that would break said camera.)

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Alaska Dave said...

Harper do it!!!