Harper is now old enough to "SMILE!" when I ask him to.

It's really pretty hilarious how proud of himself he is these days.
He runs with his chest puffed out, watching his shadow the whole way.
He watches himself in the mirror no matter what he's doing.
He asks me to "LOOK MOMMY!" when he is proud of something
he's colored, stacked, put away, etc.
He dances with confidence and pride, and he's actually
a pretty good dancer
(he must get it from Aunt Missy because Mommy and Daddy are "challenged" when
it comes to rhythm
He can put puzzles together, he knows all of his letters, he can draw a circle, he knows all of his numbers and colors, and he knows all of his body parts....yes, ALL of them!

Someone asked me the other day, "How many words can Harper say?" I honestly can't think of ANY word he CAN'T say.

We have one smart cookie on our hands!!!!

And we love him so much!!!

This is a common sight at our house. Harper is OBSESSED with "washing." He would play in the sink all day if we let him!!!!

Harper makes it easy to cook for him - we have yet to find a food he WON'T eat!

He's a typical boy who loves parks. He spent the majority of this park trip mastering going up and down the stairs. Such a happy guy!!!

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