4th of July 2011

Grammie and Quampa rented a beach house in Seal Rock, OR for the 4th of July this year. The house was only a couple of blocks from the beach, and it was nice and cozy.

Harper had a great time covering every inch of himself with sand, on more than one occasion.

Playing in the sand with Grammie.

Every inch includes inside of his mouth.

Mostly, Harper wanted to RUN. This is his favorite activity, and he loved the limitless space to run, jump, roll and be a silly boy!

The funniest moment of the trip for me was on the first day, right after we got there. After unloading the car, Grammie, Daddy and I took Harper down to the beach. We started getting our feet wet, and running away from the waves that were "chasing" us. As soon as Harper realized that this activity was water-related, he said, "Momma, wanna take pants off, wanna take shirt off." So, I granted his request. Watching my skinny, happy, pants-less child run from the waves was about the funniest and cutest thing I've seen in awhile. Oh, and he wouldn't just run until the waves couldn't get him - he would BOOK it until he was completely out of the wet sand part of the beach. Hilarious stuff I tell you. It's clear that he's part Alaskan because although it was sunny, it definitely wasn't super warm down on the beach, and the water was 'make-your-feet-and-ankle-bones-ache-and-throb' COLD.

My two beach buddies - We were also celebrating Daddy's 27th birthday this weekend!

Post smore-induced-sugar-high campfire

Watching the sunset with Quampa

Drinking like a big boy from Daddy's waterbottle.

We had great weather, yummy food, and lots of time to relax.
Thanks Grammie and Quampa for the great trip!

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Alaska Dave said...

Fantastic photos, as usual. Really enjoyed them. See you in a few weeks for my Harper-fix.

Boppa Dave