The Summer We Potty'd Hard

Yes, I'm unbelievably waayyyyy behind in keeping this blog up-to-date.

But, there a few moments from this summer I need to note on here in case I before I forget.


Doesn't this picture show it all? That's right! Except for nighttime, we are a diaper-free household! To be completely honest, when I was pregnant with Harper, I was already stressing about how daunting the task of potty-training sounded. It sounded impossibly exhausting, and Harper would have to be a willing participant if it was really going to work. He got a Toy Story potty for his 2nd birthday from Grampa Jim and Nona, and we used a sticker sheet at the beginning. He would get a sticker for each thing he did like sitting on the potty, and washing his hands. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and Harper has been doing SO well with it. Whenever we go somewhere new, I make sure to take him "to see what the potty here looks like," so he thinks it's exciting, rather than scary to go somewhere other than home. He's a smart little guy, and I'm glad he made this potty-training summer a success!
New Oregon Jersey (thanks to Grampa Jim), and big-boy underwear (courtesy of Mommy)
The other stories I want to note on here are about Harper educating others about bad words. One day, he and I were at the bank, and as we were waiting in line, Harper turned around to tell the man behind us that, "Bitch is a bad word." Thank goodness this guy was nice (he told me afterwards that he has a 4 year old), and he just replied, "You're right, it is! What a smart guy you are!"

Two days later, I'm in the kitchen, and I hear Harper playing with Buzz and Woody in the living room (yiving room as Harper says it). He was making the two Toy Story characters have a very animated conversation, when I heard, "Woody - F*ck is a bad word. We don't say f*ck because it's bad."

Out of all the "bad" things my child could be doing, I'll take educating others on bad words over playing with fire anyday!

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Alaska Dave said...

This post is absolutely priceless. Nut and I literally laughed out loud when we saw that picture of Harpzilla roaring. And then the warning he gave to Woody. OMG, we practically ROFL on reading that too! Puleeeeze, give him a big hug from Boppa...

I meant to write this comment as soon as I saw it but have been a little distracted what with the hurried return to Bangkok. So far, no flooding but it's still raining hard 2 or 3 times every day. How long before we're walking in water?

Anyway, that little guy is precious, so awesome. I miss the hell out of him.

The newest post is great too. Keep up the good work, Shannon.