Cardio by Harper

Back in my early "adulthood," I told my G-ma and G-pa that whenever they decided to get new furniture, I wanted their awesome, retro, bright blue couch. This couch is the heaviest couch on the planet, but I've been taking naps on it since I was born. It holds sentimental value to me for a lot of reasons. My favorite Big Blue Couch Memory is that I was laying on that couch when we first heard Harper's heartbeat during a visit from our midwife, Colleen. I'm pretty sure that all but one check-up with Colleen started with me laying on Big Blue, and getting goosebumps of happiness as soon as she found his heartbeat. One time, my Mom (Grammie) was there for the appointment, so the very first time she heard his heartbeat, I was laying on Big Blue too.

I love this couch. If I ever have to part with it, I will probably need additional therapy.

I'm not sure if my G-ma and G-pa would be thrilled, or horrified, to see how much 2 1/2 year old Harper enjoys Big Blue also!

How you see Harper in this video is how he is with everything - nonstop, loud, intense, entertaining, active and exhausting! 

We love our gregarious boy <3

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