End of Summer - Harper-Style

The past couple of months we...

...enjoyed eating in the backyard during Boppa Dave's September visit,
(pretty handsome 3 generations, wouldn't you agree???)

 ...enjoyed Harper's first Lane County Fair,
(and by enjoyed, I mean eating greasy food, and looking at the "aminals")

...which we also got to enjoy with Alice,

...mastered Harper's "fake, school picture smile,"

...saw what fair onion rings looked like after being chewed up by a 2 year old,

...watched a momma pig nurse 10-12 baby piglets,
(and that made pumping for 9 months seem like a walk in the park!)

...got ready for another AWESOME Oregon football season,
(Sweet jersey courtesy of Grampa Jim and Nona)

...got Harper using the potty, and washing his hands using the sweet stool his daddy made him,
(he also uses it to brush his teeth, "wash" his toys, and get into stuff that used to be out of his reach)

...enjoyed a few outside activities before the rain starts,

...made sure Quampa had a good reason for his sore back,
(not like Harper ever has to convince Quampa to pick him up!)

...charmed Aunt Missy,

...got Grammie her Vitamin H,

...swam in Grampa Jim's and Nona's pool,
(and by swimming, I mean being held by either myself or Grampa Jim)

...was scared of the big pool, and played in the kiddie pool instead,

...was comforted by Nona and treats next to the pool,

...played in many parks,

...posed for many pictures,

...smelled the flowers,

...and had lots of fun swimming, picking blueberries, eating blackberries, snacking on cheetos, having a love/hate relationship with the dogs, and getting lots of love and attention at Grampa Jim's!

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