Maternity Clothes, Bananas and Laser Tag

This week I got some maternity clothes that Tuli ordered for me online. Kohls was having a CrAzY sale online...I got 3 shirts, 1 skirt, and 1 pair of pants for, get this - $24.17!!! That INCLUDES the shipping! And the clothes aren't crappy quality! They are nice and comfortable as well!

I know I may be singing a different tune in a few months, but for the time being I am loving maternity clothes. Maybe it's because the chest-area is actually filled-out on my clothing now, or maybe it's because I don't have to unzip/unbutton to go to the bathroom anymore. I just pull down the elastic-waisted clothes, and pull up! It's great for lazy people like me who wait to long to run to the bathroom! :) I have to admit I love my maternity undies too...they actually COVER what they're supposed to, as opposed to "normal" underwear :)

We had another midwife visit on Tuesday night. We really like her - her name is Colleen, and here is her website:
We got to listen to Harper's heartbeat again - it was 156. That baby is SO consistent. Everytime we have listened to his heartbeat, it has been either 156 or 157. He's also very active - you can hear him moving around when Colleen is checking his heartbeat. I'm convinced he'll be a soccer player like me. I also think that his feet are on my left side, because almost all of the movement I feel from him is on that side. He especially likes to kick hard when Grandpa Healy sends us pro-Republican emails at work :P On a related note, we ordered some Obama Gear this week:

When Colleen was over for her visit, she had Tuli place his hands on my stomach, and press down firmly. When he did this, he was able to feel both ends of the baby! It was the first time he's "felt" anything, so it was pretty special to him.

I've learned this week that Harper is about the length of a banana or carrot, and he weighs about a pound. He also has eyebrows and eyelids now. He is producing meconium, which will be what fills his first few diapers! What a way to break Tuli into diaper-changing! :) Lucky for us, we have both have a good sense of humor, which we put to use everyday. After all, if you don't laugh about all of the huge changes we are going through (and WILL be going through), things just aren't as fun! Tuli took this "preggie supermodel" pic of me this week:

Other than being tired still, everything else seems to be getting better. I haven't had a headache in a couple of days, and MY SKIN IS CLEAR! You have no idea how much better I feel when I don't have the acne of a 13 year old!!!

For a work-outing tomorrow afternoon, my department is going to play laser tag. We went a few months ago, and not to brag, but I was the leading scorer. Pregnant. Needless to say, lots of smack-talking has been going on at work these past few days with people telling me that "pregnant ladies aren't good at laser tag!!" My response to them? Bring it. See below:

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