Our Little Soccer Player

The most exciting news from this week is that Harper gave Daddy a good kick! Tuli got to feel our little soccer player for the first time last Saturday morning :) His face lit up - definitely one of the coolest moments this far of our journey to being parents! We have been spending lots of time talking and singing (poor baby) to Harper, as we have read that this is the stage where babies can begin to hear and differentiate between different sounds outside of the womb. Funnily enough, I was telling Tuli that Harper will probably already be familiar with Chuck's voice, and Sibyl's meow, by the time he makes his appearance!

Other things we have learned this week about Harper: he has sweat glands, his fingernails are fully formed, primitive sperm have already begun to form, and his toothbuds are beginning to form under his little gums. It's still so strange to think that all of this is happening inside of my belly - it's pretty awesome being a woman sometimes!

As usual, we have done our weekly photo-session, and we are keeping with the trend that "there has to be at least 1 'funny' picture," so we can make sure to keep our sense of humor! I'm lucky to have a partner who shares my dorky, dry sense of humor! :) And, I love that we can both make each other laugh!!!!!

In other news (this is especially for you, Dave...), Tuli participated in a tennis tournament this weekend! Although it was a "humbling" experience, he still had a blast, and got a chance to swing his racket a bit. We went to my grandparents house yesterday for a family get together, and that was fun. We made sure to wear our Obama shirts to the Republican-filled house :) I am thankful that I have a diverse family - it makes things more interesting. Tuli and I are very excited to raise Harper how WE feel is right...although Grandpa Healy seems to think that he will be the kindergarten leader of the Young Republicans :P We shall see - if Harper is anything like his mommy, then he will most likely do things his own way, regardless of what anyone else thinks! :P

I still don't have any stretch marks (knock on wood!), and I still haven't gained any weight. I know that it doesn't look that way from the pictures, and my belly, but everything is just being "redistributed" I guess. I credit it to eating extremely healthy, and walking daily on my breaks at work. I'm thankful that all of my "cravings" are healthy - cheese, eggs, pickles, salads, sandwiches, apples and celery with cream cheese. I strive to eat as much protein throughout the day as possible because our midwife said that it would help give me more energy (because I still want to sleep all day!).

KJ (Tuli's mom) is making plans to come out here for Thanksgiving, and we are looking forward to that! Tuli's 2 brothers should also be coming, and I look forward to meeting them for the first time!

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