Our Decision to Have a Homebirth

One of the first things I asked Tuli when we were looking at our current apartment was, "Can you see me giving birth to our baby here?"

That might sound strange to some people - but to us, it just feels like the right choice for us. Having a homebirth is something I never considered, or knew much about, until I got pregnant and began researching my options. I didn't even know that there really WERE options to be honest. Granted, I knew that KJ, Tuli's mom, had Tuli and both of his brothers at home...but other than her, I had never heard of anyone else doing it!

Some people have suggested that KJ has had a large influence on our decision for a homebirth. Yes and No. Yes in the sense that homebirths are the "norm" for Tuli. He was raised a lot differently than I was, and hey - he turned out pretty great! So did both of his brothers! Yes in the sense that I actually KNEW someone who had experienced a homebirth, and lived to tell of it - 3 times even!!! On the other hand, KJ has never even gone so far as to "suggest" to me that having a homebirth was a better choice. I came to the decision to birth at home all on my own - from researching the safety of it, the choices I have, the education and experience of the midwife, and the likelihood of having to be transported to the hospital. I do want to say however, how much I admire KJ for her strength and courage!!!!

Anyone can ask Tuli, or either one of my parents...that I usually do things "my way," despite the suggestions (which I know ALL come from a caring, loving place!!!!) I have been given, and the way things are "normally" done.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of me birthing at home....afterall, it's not the "norm" and what most people are used to. I invite anyone who wants to - come and meet our midwife, Colleen! See how educated, experienced, and wonderful she is! She has been delivering babies at home for 10 years, with no infant or maternal deaths. She herself has birthed both of her children at home. She is an active member of the Oregon Midwifery Council. If you would like to be here for one of our appointments, I would love that! Just let me know, and I'll let you know when our next appointment is. They are always in the late evening, so as not to interfere with work schedules...

I encourage anyone to research the actual safety of homebirth. I think most people will be pleasantly surprised that homebirths are at LEAST just as safe as, if not safer, than hospital births. My body was made to do this - free of monitors being hooked up to my contracting body, being able to eat/drink as I wish, being in the position that I feel will deliver my baby the most effectively (not on my back thank you very much! Ever heard of gravity?!?!?), and being in an environment that I feel comfortable in. Hospitals, simply put, just DON'T make me feel safe and secure...they raise my blood pressure, in turn, not allowing my body to release the necessary hormones for my cervix to dialate naturally, and a high blood pressure will also increase my pain (ahhh, the things you learn in treatment come in handy!), therefore, increasing my chances of giving in and getting an epidural. I will be able to be surrounded by loved ones...even my teddy bear and my cat! I will be able to listen to relaxing music! Only ONE person will have to do an intimate exam on me! I will be allowed to eat, to help maintain my strength! I will be able to have Tuli to lean against...more than just the hand I would be given to hold at a hospital. Tuli will be able to "catch" Harper! Harper and Tuli won't have to sleep in a little bed next to me that night...there is no limit on our bonding time while we are at home :)

I can't describe how excited I feel when I think about going into labor. Before I had researched homebirth, and joined a network of fellow home-birthing women, I was honestly scared as hell to go into labor! The thought of staying a couple of nights in the hospital makes my heart start pounding faster. The thought of numerous nurses checking my cervix, and hospital food for a few days makes me nauseous! I feel SO completely confident that my body will know what to do - after all, my breasts are already leaking! Of course, if something were to occur that put myself, or Harper in danger, a hospital transport would immediately be in place!

I feel very loved knowing that everyone is concerned about mine and Harper's safety - I am lucky to have people who love us so much! This is why I would LOVE for people to come for one of our appointments with Colleen. She would be more than happy to answer your questions honestly, and hopefully give you piece of mind that she knows what she is doing as a trained and certified nurse midwife.

My ultimate dream is to have a wonderful, complication-free homebirth. To be sitting on my grandparents old blue couch, "Old Blue", with Tuli and our perfect baby boy. To be able to change the outlook on homebirth for a few more people. To be proud of our decision to bring Harper into the world into our HOME, a place of peace and love. To have my body do things the way they were made to!

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Leigh said...

Congrats on your decision to have a home birth. You are going to love the experience! BTW, I love the name of your blog -- so cute!