Being Pregnant is a Good Justification for my Blogging Laziness (26 weeks until due date!)

Yes, yes...I am guilty of slacking on this blog for the past couple of weeks! I will do my best to update everyone on Tuli, Harper and myself :)

My Mom came down a couple of weeks ago to meet our midwife, Colleen. It made me really happy to have them meet, as they will be the 2 women at Harper's birth that I will lean on the most for support. I am so lucky to have a mother who is willing to explore different ways of doing things, and supporting me in my decision. I am lucky to have such a loving mom! The BEST part of the visit with my Mom and Colleen was when my Mom got to hear Harper's heartbeat. I don't know why that was so cool to me, but it just was. I was lying on my grandparents old couch (the same couch that I was photographed on when I was a baby), with my legs draped over Tuli's lap, my Mom at my head, and the quick echoing of Harper's heartbeat filling the room. It was a really wonderful moment for me!

Last weekend, my good friend Sarah, came down to stay with me for the weekend. Tuli headed up to Portland with Max for a Fantasy Basketball draft, and Sarah came to keep me company. We have been friends since high school, but became really close when we were roommates our freshman year in college at U of O. Sarah works as a nanny in Portland (while going to school as well), and she brought down 2 huge boxes of clothes from a little boy she watches. We are so lucky to have people making sure Harper will be well-dressed! haha

During Sarah's stay, 2 "firsts" happened - one good, one bad. The good "first" was that I got my first pedicure. The leg and foot massage were the best part - I could really care less how good my toes look, but that was a nice bonus!

The bad "first" - I hit a possum :( It is the first animal I have ever hit with a car, which makes me really sad :( The other crappy part was that I knocked a fog light off of Tuli's car :( All around, I felt pretty bad for both the possum and the poor BMW. I'm at least glad that if I had to hit an animal, that it wasn't a cat, or dog or duck. - and that the BMW only suffered a minor injury :P I was having flashbacks of a time when I was little when my Mom hit some ducks on Waverly Drive, and she was so upset about it. I know I would be hysterical, especially with these wacko hormones running my body!

I've finally started tackling Harper's room, and the unpacking of boxes in there. I have already taken a carload of stuff to Goodwill, and recycled/thrown out a bunch of crap that I didn't need. It feels good to be finally making progress in there. I still plan on taking my Mom up on her offer of coming down and helping us with the room more. It's so crazy to think that in a few months, that room will be OUR BABY'S room! I guess the "nesting" stage has finally kicked in - Yay!

I am currently off of work until November 10th (but I'm getting paid for it...gotta love corporate American sometimes!). Without going into too much detail, my body was not handling the stress at work very well, and it was causing a lot of uncomfortable situations inside of my body. Colleen thought it was best to do some nesting, get some acupuncture, and just relax for a couple of weeks. I have been to 2 acupuncture appointments now, and I can tell that they are greatly helping me!

This weekend, Tuli has been sick with a bad cold :( He still managed to find the energy to watch the Ducks kick some but with his friend Derek, so that was good! :) I made him a batch of apple crisp to make him feel better, and I think it helped a bit. I hate seeing him sick - it hardly ever happens, but I still don't like it when it does happen! Keep him in your thoughts that he gets better soon!

I spent this weekend kind of trying to avoid getting sick...I spent most of the day Saturday with my friend Marci. She has a 2 1/2 year old named Kaden, who I just adore. He gave my belly lots of attention and kisses during my time with them! Today, I went over to Nate and Cathy's house to visit with them, and their 3 month old, Brooklyn. She is so chubby, and so adorable. She looks so much like Nate! I got to help Cathy set up her front yard for Halloween, full of fake tombstones and cobwebs. It was a good night of friends and babies :)

In some sad news, my Dad and step-mom, Dena, had to put down one of their dogs, Ripley, this past week. He was only 8 years old, and it isn't fair that he had to go so soon. He was suffering from cancer, and he is no longer in pain. Please keep Dena in your thoughts, as she is having a difficult time with his passing - he was like a child to her. Rest in Peace, Ripley Ray Healy.

It's hard to believe I am almost in my third trimester! Wednesday marks that big day. I can't believe that I am over 26 weeks right now. Here is the latest on Harper's development:

~His spine is beginning to form
~He can inhale/exhale
~His eyes have completely formed
~He can now respond to touch (massaging him thru my belly)
~He weighs almost 2 pounds
~He's continuing to put on baby fat
~His testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum — a trip that will take about two to three days.
~My uterus measures over 2.5 inches above my belly button
~I have gained about 8-10 pounds so far, and from here on out, I should be gaining about 1 pound each week
~I can feel him move all the time now (standing, laying down, sitting)

We are so excited to find out who our next president will be in less than 2 weeks! Yay!!!!

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Sarah said...

aww i love your newest bloggy-poo and am SO glad the nesting has begun...oh and oops about the fog light :/