The Last Time I'll Ever Eat a Hot Dog From the Memorial Coliseum...

I have heard many of my friends who are already mothers say, "I miss feeling the baby kick inside of me." I can totally understand why they would say this now! Harper is so active, and I love the incredible feeling of him moving around inside of me. He's big enough now that I can tell the difference between kicks/punches and him doing somersaults inside of me. I am able to feel my belly with my hands, and tell where he is "hanging out" in there too. It's such a cool feeling! I feel very privileged to be able to experience this "right of passage" that most women get to have :)

On Thursday night, Tuli and I went to see one of our favorite bands, Weezer, at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. It was an awesome show!!! We got some great pictures (our seats were AMAZING, thanks Tuli!!!), and I took some videos as well :)

Here are two pictures to convey how excited we were to be going to this concert :P

We also got to stop by and see Erin and Trenton again. It was so adorable, Trenton kept pointing and wanting to touch my belly. He knew that there was something in there! So cute...

We really had a blast...but we made a big mistake in eating crappy food :( We have been eating so healthy, and most of the food we eat is organic. The stadium hot dog I had at the concert was definitely neither healthy nor organic. I spent all day and night Friday throwing up and being miserable. I wasn't even able to hold down water. It's the sickest I've been in awhile for sure. When I called Colleen, our midwife, and told her what was going on, she told me it sounded like a bad case of food poisoning. She gave me some tips on how I could help myself feel better, and they worked. I have also found something that I know I'll want to eat during labor - crushed Gatorade ice cubes!!! Tuli has been doing a great job helping me to feel better with shoulder rubs, soups and loving me despite me being a sicky :P As always, I really feel lucky to have such a wonderful partner who loves me and would do anything for me.

In baby-growth news, here's what we've learned this week:
Harper weighs over a pound now!
His taste buds are forming.
My uterus is about the size of a soccer ball (holy cow!), and it has now grown about 1.5 inches above my belly button!
Harper's eyes can open and shut, and he is able to see light through the amniotic sac.
His hearing is improving everyday as he is able to distinguish more sounds from outside the womb.
He is covered in a fine body hair (which he'll probably be blessed to have his whole life, like Mommy!)
Harper's lungs are developing.
He is starting to develop his cute body fat :)

We have an appointment with Colleen this Tuesday - it's nice actually looking forward to meeting with a healthcare professional, rather than dreading it!! And we get to hear Harper's heartbeat again too :)

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KJ said...

I wish there had been blogging when Tuli was growing inside me. Harper will just love reading this someday.

You guys are so funny on the video! I love it.

What a nice chronicle!

Love, Gamma KJ