Daddy does a Doodle Video

I love Tuli's "baby voice!"

On another note - Harper James is 11 weeks old today! It's hard to believe that almost three months have gone by since I gave birth to him. Everyday, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful baby. He only fusses when he's hungry, and he has such a mellow demeanor. I love how he smiles at me, and how he recognizes my voice now. I love that he loves my milk, and that my milk is what has made him a healthy, growing, chubby baby. I love that he doesn't fuss when someone other than me or Tuli is holding him. I love that he is social. I love how he tries to hold his head up. I love listening to his baby noises when he sleeps in between me and Tuli. I love that he looks like both me and Tuli. He's just the cutest baby in the world, and I'm so lucky!

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dswarthout said...

Wow, very nice video of the little guy. He's come a long way since I saw him when he was only 1 week old. What a cutey! You guys seem to be enjoying him too - that's so cool.