Mr. Popular

Here is a collection of pictures with some of his many admirers:

Aunt Erin

Uncle Derek

Aunt Cathy

Uncle Ray

Aunt Alice


Aunt Sarah and Sister Sibyl

Last week at Birth to Three, he weighed in at 10lb, 11ounces. I'm thinking by Wednesday, he'll be 11 pounds!

We also just realized that we haven't taken any pictures of Uncle Ari (above) with his only nephew. I'm disappointed at my camera-happy self. This will be remedied before he leaves to go back to USC tomorrow. Harper has loved getting to know his Uncle Ari (even if he goes to USC, and he brought him an ugly red/gold football). Sibyl has obviously loved having Ari here too because it means there is another set of hands to pet her. We think she is depressed with all the attention Harper gets...

Aunt Sarah has come down the last two weekends to spend time with Harper (and me I think...). Harper loves his Aunt Sarah because she loves singing to him, holding him, and dressing him in cute outfits. I don't think that Harper has been put down for more than 2 minutes all weekend with the barrage of visitors we've had this weekend :)

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Sarah said...

of course i am coming to see you!! :D i am thinking of coming up sunday...what do you think? love and miss you guys!!