Happy Hormonal Holidays

31 Weeks!!!! Yowzers!!!!

For Christmas, I'd like some boxes of Kleenex. Because I seem to find a reason to cry everyday.

Yesterday (Thanksgiving), I cried on the way to my step-sister's house because I was thinking about how my sister didn't have any family with her on the holiday. Tuli looked over in the car when we were driving up I-5, and I was bawling. I miss my sister so much - especially lately.

And I seem to keep crying because I am worried about what the doctor said about Harper being too small. Everyone says to not worry about it...that he could have a growth spurt anytime, or that the ultrasound machine measuring isn't that accurate. It's easy to tell me to not stress out about it, it's a lot harder to do. I just love our baby so much already, and I just want him to be perfect.

I find the most comfort in the fact that Harper is a little wiggle worm. He is sooooo active, so we are assured he is getting enough oxygen. I know he will be an adorable baby - I just pray that he is chubby and healthy too! :)

To try and combat my high blood pressure issues (which I'm pretty sure are from anxiety), I'm doing a number of things. Acupuncture twice a week, seeing a counselor I really like, using Rescue Remedy (a natural stress relief spray), and talking lots to all of my mommy friends. I'm feeling needy these days, which is normal according to Colleen. Tuli can't get rid of me lately :) Sibyl also receives a lot of attention from me lately...pets are so good for my mental health. And plus, look how cute she is - how could she NOT make me happy????

When we met with Colleen today, my uterus was measuring right on track with what it should be. We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Katz, where they will do another ultrasound, on December 9th. I hope and pray that Harper has grown some. Colleen is going with us to the appointment, so it will be nice to have someone there who can understand what Dr. Katz is saying on a higher level than me and Tuli.

I can't stress enough how wonderful Tuli has been to me. I hear "I love you" countless times a day, and he is always willing to do anything to help me relax (massages, holding me during a hormonal meltdown, helping around the house, etc.)....I am so lucky to have him as my partner, and Harper will be sooooo incredibly lucky to have him as a father. KJ and Dave did such a good job with him :)

On another note, here is my Christmas List:

~A healthy baby boy
~A safe labor and delivery
~Safe travels for everyone
~For everyone's health...including family pets
~A Nintendo Wii Fit
~A cozy pair of slippers, that won't fall off, and that I can wear on the couch
~Money to get my hair cut/colored before I have Harper
~For the Suns to start winning more games
~For Tuli to not get laid off for a very long time
~For breastfeeding to be successful
~For Harper to look like Tuli with is poofy hair and big lips
~For an end to the war in Iraq
~For gas prices to keep dropping
~For my blood pressure to go down

That's not to much to ask for, right? haha

Civil War Game tomorrow! Go Ducks! Although I think my Ducky's chances are pretty slim tomorrow...


Sarah said...

i love you! i hope that you get the wii fit, it has changed my life! :)

dswarthout said...

Hey you guys,

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Only two more months to go until Harper is born. You'll be glad of that I bet. Then the next phase begins, a phase that is very special. You're both headed for some amazing adventures as parents.

I'm glad Tuli is such a good partner. He's always been a wonderful son, right from his beginnings in the little cabin on the bluff we visited last summer.

Love to you both,