He Might as Well Get Used to It!

My friend from work, Beth, is building her photography portfolio, and she offered to take some pregnancy photos of me for free! We had a fun day on Saturday being photographed. Harper was kicking me the whole time we were getting our pictures taken, and I kept telling him that he might as well get used to it. He's going to have millions of pictures taken by Mommy alone, along with everyone else! :P

Below are my favorite photos from our photo session - she took 244 total, but these are the best ones:

(warning - lots of photos to follow!)

As you may have noticed, I take a lot of pictures. I love pictures. I love taking pictures of everything, including my teddy bear, my friends, babies, Tuli, and anything "cute."

Family bonding

Chuck's new boots

On Sunday, my Dad took me to Harper's first Seahawk game. They lost, but it was still great to spend the day with my Dad. He bought Harper an 18 month Seahawks warm-up outfit, because according to him, "He needs to recognize his team loyalties early on." Now we just need the Seahawks to start winning games!

Harper's First NFL Game

I am off work currently, due to some high blood pressure. I am trying to combat this with exercise, counseling, natural remedies and breathing exercises. My midwife has been in contact with my primary care doctor, and they are coming up with a plan. With a couple of months still to go, I hope their plan works because I can't imagine feeling this way for that long...and I don't think it's good for Harper either :( Tuli does a great job of helping by making me tea, rubbing my feet, and telling me I'm beautiful (when I feel anything BUT).

Our childbirth education classes start tonight, and Tuli and I are both really excited for those. They are every Tuesday for 5 weeks, and I'm excited to see what we'll learn.

Right now, Harper is about 2.5-3lbs, and his lungs are busy developing. He is continuing to "fatten" up. You can see him kick and punch me from the outside now :) He is making me short of breath, and my belly button is starting to stick out :P

I can't wait to meet him :)

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