Yes We Can!!!

So, I obviously need to first say how proud I am of my generation for showing up to the polls and letting their voice be heard! The voter turnout this year is what we Democrats/Libertarians have to thank for electing Barack Obama as our next President. I feel truly inspired and honored that I helped make history last night! I am hopeful that Barack will be able to bring more peace to our country, and to our world as a whole.

It's crazy to think that Harper will be learning about this historical election when he is in school - that his textbooks will tell the tale of this 2 year journey towards a better America, and a better world. I will be proud to tell him that I will never forget where I was when the presidency was announced - sitting on my couch with my dear partner, Tuli, rubbing my belly, and telling him that Mommy and Daddy contributed to this - physically, emotionally and financially!

Here are some pics right after CNN announced that Obama had WON!!!!

(We were a little excited...)

Also, here is a video of Sibyl being excited about the election results. (I'm a crazy cat lady...)

Tuesday night was definitely the highlight of my week. It's been somewhat of a tumultuous week here in our household. As Harper's due date gets closer and closer, Tuli and I's stress levels seem to be increasing as well. While every couple has their struggles, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, finances, and past issues/struggles is bound to increase the tension.

We are both working on bettering ourselves for Harper.
We both want Harper to live in a loving, peaceful home.
We love each other, and we love Harper James.

This is what matters.

Last weekend, I went up to Independence to visit my Dad, and then stopped in Albany to visit my Mom and Step-Dad (Quan as my sister and I fondly call him).

My Dad has been remodeling for what seems like forever (I am pretty sure it feels this way to him too!). His house looks like it could be in Better Homes and Gardens - it's really beautiful! It has come a long way from where it started, that's for sure. Harper will definitely love going to Grandpa Jim's house...especially in the summer, when he will learn how to swim there. I can't wait :)

I had a fun time with my Dad - he took me out to lunch in Independence, we watched the Ducks lose (damnit.), and I had fun taking pictures of the Independence kitties.

NK (New Kitty - she's 13, but never got a NK just fits her)

Acorn - a rolly polly tub of fur

Diego - my first kitty that now lives at Grandpa's ranch - the cross-eyed wonder!

When I went to my Mom's house, she made me my favorite dinner - homemade and cheese. It was so yummy. Their dog Shiloh hadn't been feeling well, so everyone was kind of worried about her. They found out on Sunday that her blood tests came back normal, and that she is just anemic. Thank God - I couldn't handle another animal issue right now! :(

My Mom made Harper an adorable baby blanket, which I'm sure he will love!

Up-close shot of the 2 sides

I also had fun taking pictures of the Albany animals.

Shiloh putting up with her annoying sister, WaLi.

Shiloh being cute

In Baby News, Harper now weighs over 2 pounds.
His eyelashes are fully formed, and he can blink!
He can see light through my belly.
He's fattening up!
I'm about 7 month pregnant at this point, and my first stretch marks have appeared. Joy!

This is what a baby looks like inside of me at 28 weeks:

....and here is what I look like at 28 weeks!

And, of course...the Pregnant Model Pose...


Melissa said...

Haha, in the video of Sibby, you can see Chuck in the background. He looks so depressed that he is not in the video! My poor nephew cub!

Sarah said...

i love it!!