I'm Bored

8 Things

8 shows I enjoy watching:
1) Survivor
2) Amazing Race
3) The Office
4) A Baby Story
5) The Biggest Loser
6) Jon and Kate Plus 8
7) The Ellen DeGeneres Show
8) SNL

8 things that happened yesterday:
1) Went to the Dr.
2) Took a nap
3) Went to acupuncture
4) Ate a grilled cheese sandwich
5) Cuddling with Tuli
6) Talked to Missy
7) Watched Survivor and The Office
8) Watched the Suns play like crap against the Lakers

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1) Seeing my sister in December
2) Not being pregnant anymore
3) Eating lots of turkey and gravy next week
4) Courtney coming back to Oregon
5) My baby showers
6) Tuli getting off of work today
7) Tuli getting some days off next week
8) Meeting Harper Doodle!!!

8 things I love about fall:
1) Leaves
2) Not sweating 24/7
3) Being able to wear big, baggy sweatshirts
4) It means I'm only 1 season away from meeting Harper
5) Thanksgiving
6) Pumpkin pie
7) This year - the election!
8) TV shows starting up

8 things on my wish/dream/goal list:
1) A video camera
2) A house with no mortgage
3) For the economy to get better
4) To be able to adopt lots more cats
5) For me to live closer to my sister
6) For Michael Franti to sing to me while I'm in labor
7) a daily professional massage
8) lasik eye surgery

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