Happy Thanksgiving!

He mingled, he ate, he napped, he puked...and then partied some more!

This is what was waiting for Aunt Missy as she walked off the airplane on Wednesday night:

(...if you can't quite read that, it says "I Love My Aunt Missy, Love Harper").

He held it PERFECTLY, and it was just about the cutest darn thing on the planet. Don't you agree?

It was nice to have Missy home for the holiday! She hasn't been home for Thanksgiving since she's lived in Arizona, so it was a treat :)

Here are some more pictures from the holiday :)

Um, could he get any cuter?
Milk-drunk Doodle with Daddy
Checkin' out Great Grandpa
t Cutest thing on the PLANET
Quampa and Grammie snuggles

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