Storybook Land

This week, Tuli and I took Harper to Storybook Land. It's a big building at the fairgrounds in Albany that they decorate each year for kids and their families to walk through. As you walk through, there are displays for just about every fairy tale/disney movie/nursery rhyme you could ever think of. And all of the displays are at kid-level. I'm pretty sure Harper's favorite parts were all of the lights, all of the other kids to follow around, being held by Grammie and Quampa, and being able to walk around freely (without those mean baby gates like Mommy and Daddy have at home!!!).

Here are some pictures from our evening:

At the end of all of the displays, you get to sit on Santa's lap. Of course, Harper was calm, cool and collected like he always is! He didn't seem to impressed with Santa tho....

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