Naughty List

Harper is on the Naughty List this year! His favorite thing to do is climb onto the coffee table...bad boy! It would be one thing if he knew how to get down. If he sneaks up there while I'm not looking, I scoop his little butt right off of there. I have all these terrible visions of him breaking his arm....or something even worse! :( He's a fearless little man!

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We put up our little 3ft fake Christmas tree. We decided we're not getting a "real" tree until Harper is old enough to actually "want" one AND know the rules of a real tree :)

(Yes...I put him on the dining room table for this picture. I know how hypocritical I am being with the first part of this blog. I am a terrible mother who is confusing her son...but I HAD to get a picture of him with the tree, dontcha think????)

...I tried to get him to hold a "Merry Christmas" sign....but he didn't feel like cooperating with me. Good thing he's cute, so I didn't care :)

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