Our Little Bruiser

Well....the inevitable happened....and we made it 3 months before it did.....

...but...Harper got is first black eye. The end table had its way with his poor little eye. As Grandpa Jim said, he needs to learn to hit it back!

He bumps his head on tables all the time, but rarely cries from it. Well, Tuli had just left 5 minutes earlier for a basketball game, when I hear a "BONK" and then poor Doodle Bug started crying. I looked over, and there was blood on his face, and on the pillow that was next to the end table. I swooped him up, grabbed a cloth diaper and started applying pressure. There was a little gash right above his eyelid.

Now, you have to remember that this was the first time I've seen blood coming out of my child. And Tuli had just left with the car....

So, as I'm holding poor Buddy Boy, I call Tuli with my free hand, and I'm sure whatever I was saying to him really didn't make sense...but in a nutshell, he got the point that he "needed to turn around and come home!!!!!"

(God bless Tuli for understanding my panic-stricken, freaking-out, crazy-crisis language...)

By the time Tuli got home, the bleeding had stopped, and Harper had calmed down for the most part. Of course, we googled what we should do. I didn't know if he needed stitches, or if I should let him go to sleep, etc. After consulting Dr. Google, Tuli and I decided that Harper would be fine.

(Being the paranoid mother I am, after he went to sleep that night, I checked on him like 243098320 times...)

The cut healed in like 3 days (Holy Moly babies heal quickly!!), but he was left with a black eye. If any child can look cute with a black eye, it's Harper James.

(By the way...can you tell how much his lips are starting to look like his Daddy's in this pic??)

Because he's been walking since he was 8 1/2 months old, I'm actually surprised it took this long for some sort of injury to occur. I'm so thankful he's a tough, determined baby! Tuli and I can already tell what a bruiser he'll be in sports! We love him so much!

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