2008 in Review

Boredom will make you post surveys that are clearly written by high schoolers...



Where did u go on new year' s?
Nowhere - Tuli, Max and I played Skipbo all night

Who kissed you on new year' s?
Tuli and Chuck

Did you have a New Year' s Resolution this year?
N0t on January 1st, but I got one on January 27th

Does it snow where you live?
Lately, yes! :)

Do you like hot chocolate?

Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?
No...I think all the people and the crowd would freak me out...

Who was your Valentine?

When you were little did you buy Valentine' s for the whole class?
Well, I'm sure my parents actually bought them, but I handed them out to the whole class

Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?

What did you receive for valentine' s day?
Pretty flowers :)

What did you give for Valentine' s Day?
A card

Are you irish ?
Half of me is

Do you like corned beef and cabbage?

What did you do for St. Patrick' s Day?
Nothing exciting because I don't remember...

Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
No, not really, it means the end of snowboarding

Do you like the rain?
I don't mind it, and I love sleeping to the sound of it

Did you play an April fool' s joke on anyone this year?

Do you get tons of candy for Easter?
Not anymore - being a grown up sucks sometimes haha

What is exciting about April?
Well, my Mom and G-ma's birthday, and this year, Harper was conceived

What is your favorite flower?
Yellow roses and Gerber daisies

Do you celebrate May 16th: National Piercing Day?
Um no.

Is May anything special to you?
This May, I found out I would be a mother :) That's pretty darn special I think...

Anything cool happen this month?
Ummm....yes!!!!! I met Michael Franti, and he rubbed my belly!!!!!!

What year did/ will you graduate?
HS - 1998
College - 2002

Did you do anything fun during this Month ?
Missy and I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad together, which was nice - we went to a butterfly farm

Have a favorite baseball team?
Baseball bores me


What did you do on the 4th of July?
Tuli and I set off some fireworks at the park down the street from our old house, and made out like high schoolers :)

Did you go to the fireworks?
Not the big ones

Did you blast the A/C all day?
We didn't have A/C


Did you have a sunburn?
No, I don't think so....

Did you go to the pool a lot?
No, we were in Alaska for half of the month haha


Are you attending college/ school?

Do you like fall better than summer?
Fall is my favorite

What happened this month ?
Spearhead concert in Portland


Whats your favorite candy ?

What was your favorite thing ( s) about this month ?
Feeling Harper move around inside of me

What were you for Halloween?
A big emotional, crying blob who cried to her Mom all night lol.

Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?
Stop #1 - My step-sister, Amy's house
Stop #2 - My Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike's house

Next year - Wisconsin!!!!!

What are you thankful for?
My family, Tuli, Harper, all my friends, Barack Obama

Do you love stuffing?

Anything exciting happen this month?
Only the MOST historical day of my lifetime...when Barack Obama won the election!!!!

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Yes indeedy

Have you ever been kissed under the mistle toe?
Not that I remember

Get anything special last year?
My favorite gift was a custom calendar that Tuli had made for me :) I'm keeping it even when 2008 is over!!

What do you want this year?
a healthy baby more than anything

What do you love most about December?
My sister is always home for the holidays - I love me some sister time

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