Harper Has Cool Grandparents

Thanks Yous are in order!!!!

Thank you to Grandma KJ for sending me and Harper boxes of clothes!!! She's so thoughtful to be looking out for us all the way from WI!

Thank you to Grandpa Healy for bringing us a dresser! It fits in our room perfectly, and it definitely helped us get more organized!!!

...and thank you to Grammy Catherine for helping us clean out Harper's room yesterday. She was here for about 5 hours helping us sort through boxes, making Goodwill trips, and she also bought us some shelving. I can't tell you how much better I feel being able to walk into Harper's room!!!



We still have plenty of work to do to get ready for Harper's arrival...but Tuli and I feel sooooo much better knowing we have a nice dresser, clothes for the baby, and room for baby stuff in Harper's room! Harper is lucky to have such great family...all over the US!!! Now, we just need to figure out when Grandpa Dave is going to come visit!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is our follow up appointment with Dr. Katz...keep Harper and me in your thoughts...send good thoughts of low blood pressure my way!!!! :)

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