Baby Dreams

I just want to write some of these crazy dreams down, so I don't forget about them:

First of all....Tuli has had two baby dreams.

#1 - He dreamed that we were at home, and I was in labor. He turned his head, and while he was doing that, I gave birth and didn't tell him, so he wasn't able to catch Harper.

#2 - He dreamed that he was at work, while I was at home laboring. In the dream, nobody at work told him to come home, or that I was in labor, so he missed the birth of Harper again.

Don't worry will be WELL aware when it's time!!!!!! :)

OK, most of my dreams are good ones....ones where I am usually breastfeeding with great success! The last one I had, I was breastfeeding Harper, and he started coughing, so I pulled away from him, and he spit up all over Tuli :) Even though Tuli would probably not agree, it was a really cute dream.

In the last 2-3 baby dreams, I've been able to see that Harper has big, rosy lips, Tuli's nose, and black straight hair. I wonder if that's what he'll really look like?!

Oh, and it wasn't baby-related, but I also had a dream recently where my Mom had her private pilot's license, and she was flying us back from a vacation in Alaska. hahahahaha

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