Holly Jolly Christmas...and oh yeah, High Blood Pressure...blah.

Well, Harper James won't have the same birthday as Jesus OR Chuck...we made it to 35 weeks! yay!!!

We spend Christmas Eve with my Dad, Dena, Missy, tons of Aunts and Uncles, 2 cousins, 3 cats, and 5 dogs :) A picture of Tokyo, the dog that my Dad and Dena are fostering right now is below. It was a house full! We ate really yummy food and had a great time just relaxing in my Dad's newly remodeled house. They also threw me a mini-baby shower that night, so we got lots of great baby items. We got tons of adorable outfits, a few new blankets, and hook-on high chair, and a few little toys.

Oh, and I should definitely mention that right before we left for my Dad's house on Xmas Eve, a package from the great Aunt Missy arrived - our crib set!!!! It's adorable - brown with teddy bears...the exact one we wanted :)

Before we left my Dad's house, we made sure to take some funny pictures in front of one of their FOUR Christmas trees :P

Missy feeling jolly

Missy and I at our finest

White Trash Couple of the Year!

We went to my Mom and Quan's house on Christmas Day, and later in the day, my grandma and grandpa (Gma and Gpa) came for dinner and presents. We had more yummy food, and it was a very relaxing, nice day!

This is the White Elephant gift that my Mom wound up with...isn't she one sexy Grandma???

Missy and Tuli letting their food digest

Gma and Missy

Quan and I - my belly is bigger than his now, thanks to the baby in MY belly, and Quan's dieting and eating healthy...

Missy relaxing with Chuck

My belly is 97324917 times bigger than hers...

Tomorrow is the baby shower that Missy is throwing me in Albany. I can't wait to see everyone!

I am ready to have this baby....blood pressure is still high, and I am really starting to notice how worn out and tense it makes my body feel. My body hasn't been able to relax in a couple of months now, and it's starting to take a toll on my mental state as well...I know that Harper is better off inside of me, and I feel guilty for even mentioning my wanting him to come early...but honestly, I'm at the point where whenever he wants to make his appearance, I'm definitely OK with it...as long as it's not another whole month! :(

Happy Holidays to everyone...we love all of you, and we're thankful for having such great family and awesome friends!!!

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