Soooooo Relieved!!!!

We had another Dr.'s appointment yesterday, and they told us that Harper is nearly 5 pounds now!!! SUCH a big improvement from last week!!! He's measuring in about the 33rd percentile, which is also a LOT better than the 20th, which was what they told us last week.

We are 2 relieved soon-to-be-parents!!!!

Our midwife had kind of prepared us for our appointment yesterday. She told us that if Harper had fallen below the 20th percentile, then they would most likely have me stay in the hospital to be monitored, or to be induced. On Wednesday night, Tuli and I went out to dinner, in case it was our last night. All day yesterday before the appointment, we were both so anxious...we both kept wondering if we were going to have a baby before Christmas!

The Dr. doesn't need to see us until January 5th now, unless I start having symptoms of toxemia (sudden severe swelling, a headache that affects my vision, protein in my urine). We are THRILLED that Harper gets to cook in my oven for at least 2 more weeks - to get even chubbier, and cuter for us :) He's kicking me as I type this :)

My Dad came with us to the appointment yesterday, so it was nice that he could meet Colleen and the doctor. Even though he says that "grandpa" makes him feel old, I have a feeling he's going to love it...haha :P

In other news, it has been snowing off and on for the last 5 days or so, so Tuli has been getting to work from home a lot. It's been nice having some company during the day. With everything that has been going on with Harper, we have done ZERO Christmas shopping, so hopefully we can get that started and done this weekend. My sister is flying into Portland tomorrow, and I am soooo excited to see her!!!!

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