Blood Pressure was GREAT today!

Today when I went to my acupuncture appointment, my blood pressure was only 128/86!!!! Still not "ideal," but a hell of a lot better than what it was at the Dr.'s office (155/110)!!!!

I told Kamala (my acupuncturist) that she just needs to come with me to all of my Dr.'s appointments because she is apparently the only person I can chill out and calm down with :P

My body loves acupuncture, and so does Harper. He is ALWAYS the MOST active when I am lying there on the acupuncture table. No kidding, he moves the entire 25 minutes I'm laying down "relaxing." I'm supposed to be laying there with my eyes closed, but I find myself watching my belly bounce up and down from his kicks. He likes it when Mommy can take a chill pill :)

Another thing that helped was getting a massage yesterday afternoon. Tuli treated me to a one-hour massage, and it was wonderful. The place I go to has a whole cut out for pregnant bellies, and two holes cut out on top for my ever-growing Harper-Feeders. I slept better last night, and I think that it probably helped my blood pressure reading this morning as well. AND - Tuli bought me a package deal, so I have 4 more left on my account there!!! Do I have the best Baby Daddy or what? :)

I am 33 weeks along now, but you might have noticed that I have stopped comparing Harper's size to fruits and other things like that. He's growing (slowly, but surely), and that's all that matters!! My belly is getting big, and to date, I've gained about 19 pounds. My belly is big enough to block Tuli's view of the TV when I walk past it (he really loves it when I do that), and now when we go out to eat, there are no more leftovers for us to take home. I eat about as much as Tuli eats during a meal now, which is pretty crazy because I've always been a "nibbler." My Mom says I have always "eaten like a bird." Now I think I'm more like a vulture :)

One of my best friends, Cathy, is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday for all of my friends who live in Eugene, plus my Mom. I'm excited for Harper's first party!! It will be nice to have a stress-free party in mine and Harper's honor. I'm kind of dying for some social interaction these days - talking to my cat and teddy bear all day is nice and everything, but I wouldn't mind some girl time with my friends :) I'm very excited too because my friend Courtney (the one who helped save the world by helping Barack get elected) will be in town for it!! Yayaaaaah!!!!

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